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[​IMG] Premier League
KCOM Stadium 27th of August 2016 5.30pm
History v Hull
Games won: 19
Games drawn: 4 Games lost: 5
[​IMG] Premier League Old Trafford 19th of August 2016 8.00pm History v Southampton Games won: 61 Games drawn: 29 Games lost: 28​
http://www.espnfc.com/story/2928086...ttered-by-reported-manchester-united-interest "But I have a contract with Southampton, and I'm just focused on my work, to make a great season. I will not deny that Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and that it makes me happy to be associated with it. But to be Manchester United's player is a big difference." Jose Fonte has helped Southampton from League One to the Premier League. Southampton coach Claude Puel is expecting Fonte to be professional when he returns to action. The Frenchman considers the player to be an important part of his plans. Puel said: "I do not think there is a possibility for Jose to leave us. I am sure that he can play all these games. He is very proficient. "[Fonte has] rejoined training. I do not know if he will start the game [on Saturday] but we will see. "The window is difficult for the club and the players. Many clubs can be interested in players. That is normal."
Right then. With just a few days to go, it's time to make predictions. I do this every year and am always wrong. Last year I had Leicester for relegation and Chelsea for the title as they had had the least upheaval over the summer. Personally, I was proud of my form. This season? Fuck knows. With three of the big teams fielding new managers, the new TV deal making 30m deals commonplace and a league in which anyone can lose to anyone, it's becoming harder to even take a guess. But I'll give it a shot. Title: Man Utd It pains me to say it, but I'd tip them as favourites, with or without Pogba. I'd normally say that a new manager at a club guarantees upheaval and a 'transitional' season, but Mourinho is one of those who can bring instant success. Plus City and Chelsea both have new managers and even bigger rebuilds than Utd. Top 4: City, Chelsea, Arsenal (not necessarily in that order) Unimaginative I know, but after last seasons rise of the underdogs I see a return to form. City and Chelsea both have rebuilds but I can see their managers doing at least enough to secure top 4. Arsenal are Arsenal. Nearly teams for top 4: Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham I like Klopp, but his history suggests it normally takes him several years to get things to click. He does have the advantage over Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte of having settled already in his new club, but the money they are spending more than makes up for that. I think Liverpool will come close to top 4, but wilt in the second half of the season. Unlike the British media I am not taken with Spurs. Despite their 'amazing' challenge last season they scored 70 points. That's 2 less than they did in 2013 when they finished 5th. 70 points is normally not a guarantee of top 4, let alone a title challenge. They will probably prove me wrong, but I genuinely don't see the rise of some new great side. As for West Ham, I just see them continuing to grow. Relegation: Hull, Bournemouth and...
So the lovely and talented and clever and United supporting Ms Rachel Riley is to present FNF on Sky Sports as well as the Fantasy Football show. Her first game will be United Vs Southampton Friday week. She's a topper.